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Widgets Family Fun

Manhattan’s family-owned fun center, providing
SAFE, CLEAN one-of-a-kind FUN for all ages.
Widget Characters
Waldo & Wendy

Welcome to Widgets Family Fun, where land transportation is a thing of the past and the world has taken to the sky!  Waldo Widget, our resident contraptor, has made it his life’s mission to make the non-flying fly, the flying soar higher and faster, the everyday extraordinary and life’s journey an adventure; he has passed this mission on to his daughter, Wendy.  As a fellow contraptor and pilot, Wendy and her lovable pup and co-pilot, Monkey Wrench, can’t seem to keep their feet on the ground and head out of the clouds.  Waldo, Wendy and Monkey Wrench invite you to come explore and find your own adventure at Widgets Family Fun.

  • 8232 South Port Drive
  • Manhattan, KS 66502
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